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Cotton Chikan Embroidery Crossover Gown

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This very popular gown from ne Quittez pas is made of light and soft cotton voile, and is luxuriously decorated with fluffy three-dimensional hand embroidery that is unique to India. The body is kept simple without any embroidery, and the hem is the main decoration, creating a modern and mature atmosphere. The beautiful color scheme reflects the unique Indian color sense, creating a uniquely modern mood. The hand-embroidered and trimmed sleeves have been updated to a length that shows the wrists for a relaxed look. The design can be worn by any age and can be used for a long time. This beautiful and delicate embroidery is carefully made stitch by stitch by women living in a village in Uttar Pradesh, India. By commissioning these types of handicrafts, Nukitepa supports the economic independence of women living in rural areas, and supports the lives and education of the girls who will lead the next generation.


素材表生地:コットン 100% 刺しゅう糸:コットン 100% 裏生地:コットン 100%

サイズFree/ 着丈: 120cm 肩幅: 38cm バスト周り:96cm 袖丈:50cm






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