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Cotton Silk Mix Chindi Rug

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Colorful rugs made from factory stock fabrics and old sari cloth. India's sustainable manufacturing method, which does not waste leftover fabric, is attractive because each piece is woven by hand, so each piece has a different look. This is a special selection item that fits your lifestyle with Pasand's unique color scheme. In order to enjoy the natural texture of silk and cotton, we use as little chemical color fixing agent as possible compared to other products. Therefore, if the clothing is rubbed when wet or subjected to strong friction even when dry, the dye may transfer. Avoid strong friction with white clothing, etc. Also, please note that the color is particularly prone to fading when it gets damp or wet. When cleaning, tap the product to remove dirt onto a towel or cloth. If you rub too hard, you can damage the silk/cotton fibers, or even rub dirt onto the fibers, making it difficult to remove. After cleaning, the color may transfer if it rubs against clothing before drying. After cleaning, dry thoroughly


素材コットン シルク

サイズ縦70cm x 横180cm